Rabu, 26 Agustus 2015

Im Going Fast, Im Going Anywhere

"You Can Go Fast, I Can Go Anywhere".

I really pissed off when I read those words. The text is often found on the stickers of offroaders and motocrossers . People will think that I do not like it because I am envious. Sure, I dont have enough money to buy or build an off-road car even a motocross (not yet tho). But, Both require no small cost, especially when you bought em with those accessories.

I love racing and adventure, especially motorcycles (seen on: How to Cornering). I could say I like racing on asphalt as well in the mud. But for the moment I just have a motorsport a Yamaha FZ150. She always and still my best friend on those corners. But I thought it will be fun to have another vehicles that I can used on the muds, as my friends does.

Actually we had a same hobbies, Photography and Adventures. Sometimes we need to go to the top of the mountain just to take snaps some landscape. To drive in the mud I could only bite my tongue. Because all my friends starts to build motocross, some using off-road car. Damn, how can I get along with them? especially on the muddy tracks?

But for me, the most important things is our souls. Well, I'll just saying: "If you want an adventure, go with everything you have". Dont feel limited or limiting your dreams, just go and have some fun.

So, I make my own Motto "Im Going Fast, Im Going Anywhere". No hard feelings, lets go guys!

All Photos taken by: Myself, Zaldin Dien, Dudy Bioxye, Guntur Nugraha and Jang Oie.

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