Senin, 17 Oktober 2016

"Handy Thumbs" This Kid Goes Viral on Facebook - Handy Christian

This afternoon some notice on social media is quite interesting, a photo album high school student who was visiting the museum with his thumbs up on each photo.

Don't know why at the time he uploaded some photos from study tour when he was visiting the museum, it is becoming viral among netizens, especially facebook users. 

Because before it happens, he got an assignment from school to do chores with a visit to a museum along with his classmates.

Whereas previously this photo just for fun with his friends. Because basically he does not like to be photographed, just at that moment he had the idea that it would be funny.

Some comments also appear on the account named 'Handy Christian, likers even haters comes like a floods as a comments on those photos. For a bads comments, this is not a problem for Handy, because according to him "On the internet, do not expect everyone to likes you."

Strange look pose with a flat face on every picture becomes interesting cause it look funny as flat.

Even some make of him as a meme with the title "Mantab Jiwa" (The Great Soul). He is okay with it, as long as it can entertain people, its not a problem.

According to him, he has the intention to drive his message as an anti-drug childhood. You can see it from several photographs that have descriptions as anti-drug. 
With the slogan "Say Yes for the thumbs, Say No to drugs!"

Sometimes people are strange, but when you're doing well it will become virals.

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